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Biofilm carrier for wastewater treatment

Experience our biofilm carrier and benefit from this low cost biological treatment to reduce sludge. The ideal solution for wastewater treatment. Our innovative biofilm carrier has a long lasting effect to easily grow microbes and keep the carrier in a strong durable shape. Microbial growth is stimulated with the open cell structure.

The longer you have our biofilm carrier in use, the stronger the effectiveness to clean your water. Our superior material ensures you can truely benefit a long time from biotreatment processes to remove polutants in an ecofriendly way. Microorganisms that live in a biofilm carrier are effective against the following wastewater contaminants:
  • » carbon
  • » ammonia
  • » phosphorus
  • » microplastics

Product specs

Polyurethan biofilm carrier for higher productivty

Our biofilm carrier is made of polyurethan filterfoam sponge. For the best aerobic conditions and strongest pollutant remove efficiency. Independent studies have shown that our products have a longer lifetime and significant better living conditions to grow bacteria colonies. The stronger the microbial family the better the effectiveness to reduce sludge from wastewater areas.

Biofilm carrier for circular water provision

An ecofriendly biological water treatment takes more time to clean the water. Though this natural process is cost efficient and it fully matches with the circular vision to let microbes treat water without synthetic chemical processes. Luckily our biofilm carrier can speed up the process. To gain time and a higher productivity.

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