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Biofilm carrier to reduce sewage sludge

Our biofilm carrier is the ideal solution to reduce your sewage sludge. We differentiate three processes in wastewater treatment:
  • » primary sewage sludge: first separation
  • » secondary sludge: from the biological process (suitable for biofilm carrier)
  • » tertiary sludge: applications of flocking agents

Secondary sludge is the ideal target for our biofilm carrier. We can prove the following benefits:
  • » a significant reduction of sewage sludge
  • » substantial lower nitrogen values
  • » lower need for chemical additives
  • » cost savings in sludge disposal

The key success factor of our biofilm carrier is the maximum contact between the microorganisms and the wastewater treated. Experience our highly effective method of wastewater treatment. Suitable targets:
  • » carbon
  • » ammonia
  • » phosphorus
  • » microplastics

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