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Biofilm carriers for ship sewage treatment

An ecofriendly biological water treatment to clean the water from ship sewage. Benefit from our biofilm carrier to apply natural process with higher productivity. A great solution also for greywater re- use.

Our biofilm carrier is made of polyurethan filterfoam sponge. The best material for a long lasting performance in your ship sewage treatment plant. For the best aerobic conditions and strongest pollutant remove efficiency. Independent studies have published that our products have a longer lifetime and significant better living conditions to grow bacteria. The bigger the microbial family the better the effectiveness to reduce sludge from wastewater areas such as on your ship.

Experience how our biofilm carrier can significantly reduce your ship sewage sludge. We can realise a 10 times higher concentration of living microbes thanks to our open cell structure. The longer the biofilm carrier settles in your wastewater the more effective it gets on solving your contaminants such as carbon, phosphorus, microplastics and ammonia.

Ask for our reference cases about biofilm carriers with ship sewage sludge. We support you improve your wastewater treatment.

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