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Biofilm carriers for industrial waste treatment

Find out how our biofilm carrier can significantly reduce your secondary sludge from industrial wastewater. We can realise a 10 times higher concentration of living microbes with our open cell structure. The longer the biofilm carrier settles in your industrial wastewater the more effective it gets on solving your contaminants such as carbon, phosphorus, microplastics and ammonia.

Our biofilm carrier a good move to reduce your secondary sludge in your wastewater treatment system. Most industrial wastewaster systems distinguish 3 phases:
  • » primary sewage sludge: first separation process
  • » secondary sludge: with our biofilm carrier
  • » tertiary sludge: thanks to our flocking agents

Specialised bacteria cultures are permanently conserved deep inside the biofilm carrier. They reduce the secondary sludge and improve the water quality with lower nitrogen values. Growth down to the inside of the carrier without clogging the material. Since hardly any oxygen accumulates in the inside of the carrier, both aerobic and up to almost anaerobic zones can be found.

Ask for our reference cases about biofilm carriers for industrial wastewater treatment. We like to help you move forward.

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