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Biofilm carrier for MBBR Systems

Our biofilm carrier is designed for moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBRs). The fluidization action, i.e. suspension and agitation of the biofilm carrier elements, is provided by air flow passing upwards through the reactor. Fluidized bed processes provide reduced secondary sludge and therefore lower disposal costs. The biofilm carrier provides ideal conditions for high activity of the biodegrading bacteria cultures on a long-term basis.

A MBBR system applies an activated sludge tank where you can put our biofilm carriers. The fluidized bed process generates the oxygen. The longer you have the biofilm carrier in use, the better the effectiveness. Optimise the contact between the carriers and the wastewater for maximum water treatment results.

Biofilm carriers do not require a lot of space. This concentrated wastewater treatment process can be implemented in small treatment plants / tanks.

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